Making the Invisible Visible: Essays by the Fellows of the International Leadership Forum

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Richard Farson, editor

Welcome to a picture of the present that you may not have seen before. There are some people who are good at understanding what is really going on. How fascinating and powerful it is when they reveal to us something we had not seen before.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan Western Behavioral Sciences Institute plays host to a group of influential thinkers from a wide range of careers, professions, educations, and backgrounds. InMaking the Invisible Visible, Fellows of WBSI's prestigious International Leadership Forum present a picture of the present that is revealing, exciting, and unsettling. 

Making the Invisible Visible is a collection of essays that deliberate on some of the great issues of our time, offering observations, opinions, and potential solutions:

  • Best-selling author Michael Crichton explains how incivility breeds unhealthy intellectual uniformity.
  • Biosphere inhabitant Jane Poynter explores the inexorable link between the environment, our economy, and our families' well-being.
  • Emmy-award winning actress Jane Alexander laments the lost muses of cultural diplomacy.
  • Experimental psychologist Anthony Rose explores the sometimes magical co-existence of man and animal.

"We think that because we are living in the present we know what it is. But we have only the sketchiest idea of it," writes Richard Farson in Making the Invisible Visible. These 30 collected essays make some of that invisible present visible.

With essays by Raymond Alden, Jane Alexander, Walter Truett Anderson, Mary Catherine Bateson, Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Mary Boone, Carlos Cardozo Campbell, Douglass Carmichael, Harlan Cleveland, James P. Cramer, Michael Crichton, Norbert Ehrenfreund, Richard Farson, Gloria Feldt, T. George Harris, John Hart, Saiful Islam, Nicholas Johnson, Michael Kahn, Ralph Keyes, Charles Lindblom, Sandy Mactaggart, Bill McGaw, Christopher Meyer, Jane Poynter, Anthony L. Rose, Farhad Saba, Lawrence Solomon, John Vasconcellos, and Daniel Yankelovich.

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