Health Sciences Education: Architecture as Change Agent

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Leading architects can and must be change agents. We have the knowledge and passion to effect positive change in medical education.

- Dan Watch, Health Sciences Education

Architecture plays a critical role in the design of facilities for health sciences education and it can help improve the learning experience.

This book helps administrators, architects, planners, and people in the health science fields to understand many of the issues and opportunities in medical education, and it assists decision makers in the design and operations of health sciences campuses and buildings.

This book is filled with examples of new and better solutions that are supported by evidence-based data and plenty of drawings and photographs.

Health Sciences Education: Architecture as Change Agent looks at the current state of design for health sciences education and where it should be going. Readers will gain keen insight into how to plan and design leading-edge medical schools and how to renovate and upgrade existing facilities to be truly state of the art.

308 pages, full color

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Publisher: Greenway Communications, LLC

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