Change Design: Conversations About Architecture as The Ultimate Business Tool (2nd Edition)

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New Expanded Second Edition

Change Design is a beautifully illustrated book that highlights the role of design and innovation in transforming businesses and organizations. The original grew out an initiative NBBJ launched with Bruce Mau Design that explored the design directions, tools, and methodologies for developing performance-driven, humanistic, and sustainable environments.

"An informed and informative compilation of essays, interviews, project case studies illustrating and exemplifying how architectural building designs, both exterior and interior, can transform corporate image, operations, competitiveness, and staff work climate."
– Midwest Book Review

This 2nd edition expands on the original’s collection of interviews, essays, methodologies, metrics, and project case studies, adding to the growing body of evidence for architecture’s critical role in giving businesses a competitive edge and bringing about cultural change within organizations.

Case studies – told from the perspective of leaders of prominent corporations, educational and research institutions, health care organizations, and governmental entities – explain how design helped transform businesses, operations, and cultures.

For example, Boeing Commercial Airplanes cut production time in half when unused factory space was turned into offices that fostered a culture of collaboration. Banner Health’s Estrella Medical Center jumped to the 99th percentile for patient satisfaction after completing an expansion that reoriented its health care practice. Vulcan Real Estate and the City of Seattle turned a disused city block into a vibrant urban center that has become an award-winning model of sustainable development.

Change Design describes how architectural practices can augment the traditional architectural toolbox to provide a road map for business leaders and designers alike to build effective and competitive organizations.

250 pages. By NBBJ. 

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