2019 Professional Compensation Report - Firm Size 100-299

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Few problems are as pervasive and as significant as the retention and compensation of talented employees. Managers and executives must be up-to-date on the most recent trends and expectations in employment to compete for and retain top talent. To gather this valuable data, DesignIntelligence Research has conducted a survey of the A/E/C fields and compiled it into the Professional Compensation Report for 2019.

Our report has covered the many facets that make up an entire compensation package, including the breadth of available insurance plans, paid time off options, base salaries, frequency and availability of bonuses, and much more.

As organizations continue to question and revise their compensation, we hope this data will provide a useful guide to current practices and serve as an inspiration for improvement or a mark of organizational success.

This report is a PDF document. 


4      From the Management and Editors

5      2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey
6      Compensation
7      General Information
14    Base Cash Compensation by Discipline & Role
15    Architecture Interns

21    Unlicensed Architects

27    Licensed Architects

33    Project Architects

38    Landscape Architects

44    Interior Designers

50    Project Managers

56    Civil Engineers

58    Urban Planners

60    Graphic Designers

66    Construction Administrators
67    Specifications Writer
68    Specialized and Support Staff

74    Marketing Staff

80    Leadership/Management

85    Executive

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