Design Plus Enterprise: Seeking a New Reality in Architecture & Design

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By James P. Cramer

Second Edition

The design management classic Design Plus Enterprise: Seeking a New Reality in Architecture & Design is available once again in this newly expanded and updated edition. As principal of a leading AEC consultancy, the author uses specific examples from his work to illustrate the business and philosophic principles that can guide designers to greater professional and personal successes, urging designers to embrace change and responsibility.

A longtime advocate of design as a positive force for social change, Cramer also demonstrates how smart design can drive economic success. Included among the new chapters is a discussion of "The Ascendant Designer," in which Cramer offers steps for developing a future vision and sustainable business model, touching on design information flows, technology issues, efficiency, value and future trends.

"This is must reading for every architect...It clearly points out how design and the designer are enriched by recognizing that the profession of architecture is both a business and a way of enhancing the environment."
- M. Arthur Gensler, Jr., FAIA

"Jim Cramer’s Design plus Enterprise is a formula for an architect’s success, a plan to achieve an appropriate leadership role for the profession and a hope for a built environment that promotes a quality of life which we and our heirs can enjoy."
- A. Eugene Kohn, FAIA, Chairman, Kohn, Pederson, Fox Associates

"As the field expands from designing buildings to designing experiences, architects and designers should turn to Jim Cramer's insightful chapters in Design plus Enterprise...here lies the secret to making design matter."
- B. Joseph Pine II

"Jim Cramer's exceptional book is about architects and clients and better ways to satisfy both. Architecture designed for human use...exceeds the expectations of each in an emerging new reality. This book should be relevant for many years to come."
- Jonas Salk, M.D.

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